A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing


vintage tarot card


vintage tarot card

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“I always thought insanity would be a dark, bitter feeling, but it is drenching and delicious if you really roll around in it.”

—   Kathryn Stockett, The Help (via quotes-shape-us)

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Bob Marley - Turn Your Lights Down Low

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free my nigga tuition



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I feel terrible. I ruined your happiness. I gave you hope and right as you thought you had finally won, I pulled the carpet out from under you and made you start from the bottom without my help once I again. God i have only one regret and that’s talking to you that second time and trying to make things better for us. All I did was make them worse. I truly hope you’re searching for real happiness now and not just something that temporarily takes the pain away. I see your posts, I feel like they’re directed towards me. All the things I used to try and get you to do so that you would be happy. Baths, sunrises, nature. That’s all me. I hope you’re doing those in hopes of finding out how they bring happiness and not out of spite. I miss you and think about you daily. What we had was not good but it was unforgettable and I was insanely in love with you.

Took off from JFK last night around 8, had to turn around 2 hours into the flight because something was wrong with the plane, landed and came to find out that the next flight wasn’t until 4:30 pm the next day. Ended up having to get a cab to a near by hotel in the Bronx  and stay there all by my lonesome. One hell of a trip to Germany that’s forsure.


Missin mah girl laaady-soul

Aww🙊😍💕 missin you lil puddles! Be good while I’m gone!

So I’m stranded in NYC in a hotel room all by myself and it’s 4 in the morning.

“How do you disempower a corrupt system? By empowering yourself. How do you awaken a sleeping population? By awakening yourself. How do you heal a toxic society? By healing yourself.”

—   Neil K.  (via thelittlephilosopher)

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In less than 24 hours I’ll be living it up in Germany and I can’t freaking wait. My last post for a while but you bess believe I’ll have tons of pics when I get back